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The elements of a ‘green’ laundry business


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The elements of a ‘green’ laundry business

What does it mean to be “green” in today’s laundry industry? The concept of green – or environmentally friendly – businesses is nothing new, but the concept has yet to adopt a ubiquitous definition across all industries.

This is especially true in the laundry industry, where a laundromat on one corner may have a vastly different idea of eco-friendly design compared to its competitor down the street. If a green business is something you want, it helps to know the ways in which you can go green, and how green design can help your laundry business save money in the near future.

Green is a proactive approach
Adopting a green business isn’t something that happens over time – the best companies know what they want and they go after it. This applies to laundromats as well. Your business will have to identify the elements you want to be eco-friendly and make the appropriate changes.

For example, a green business will have environmentally minded:

  • Policies
  • Marketing
  • Practices
  • Employees
  • Products

The goal of all these elements will be to improve the quality of the environment while boosting the bottom line at the same time. A green approach can also help businesses attract more customers with similar mindsets.

“Green laundromats benefit the environment and the bottom line.”

Green is sustainability
The idea behind a green business is all about sustainability. You will want to go green as a way to create a business model that is long-lasting and efficient, so your financials are on the track and the environment receives a boost.

A green laundromat will alter many of the features that are synonymous with the laundry business – washers, dryers and detergent, for instance. Consider a standard washer. Day after day and year after year your customers are running that piece of equipment, and each time you use a significant amount of water. A greener washer, on the other hand, would be one designed to use less water per cycle. The savings would add up drastically, and your business would be less wasteful.

An added bonus of a greener machine would be cost savings. Yes, you help the environment, but you will also help your bottom line. A smaller water consumption rate and less required electricity will mean cheaper utilities and more cash back in your business. And this leads to a more sustainable laundromat.

If eco-friendly and sustainable are two descriptions you want for your laundromat, then a green business may be the right direction for you.