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The Eastern Way: Fundamental #15 – Be Organized


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The Eastern Way: Fundamental #15 – Be Organized

This fundamental was written by Brian Werbeck. Brian started with Eastern Funding’s Specialty Vehicle Division in 2014. Brian is responsible for underwriting vehicle transactions and moving them through the loan process quickly.

Be Organized: Fundamental #15 – “Start every day with a plan. Use systems and processes that enhance your ability to consistently perform at a high level while managing a multitude of issues for your customers- both external and internal”

Or·gan·ized– Adjective
· Arranged in a systematic way, especially on a large scale.

Before I came to work at Specialty Vehicle I never made use of tools to help stay organized. I found myself wasting time and being frustrated because I simply did not know where I placed things. Since I have been working here I have used everything I possibly can to stay organized. Whether I am noting my interactions with customers, scheduling tasks and appointments in my calendar, or arranging files, each of these help me remain organized.

On a larger scale, since we are paperless it is much faster to find documents. Our files are neatly organized in electronic cabinets and can be accessed with a simple identification number. This process is important to us because our customers are very fast-paced. They expect immediate answers about their loans when they call. Putting someone on hold for a long time to locate information could mean upsetting a customer. Every customer is important to this company. We wouldn’t want to upset a customer because of being unorganized.

Organization not only on the personal level, but as a team is extremely important. If everyone in the company is on the same page, then everyone can help each other out. It is amazing how much of a difference being organized can help us grow as a company.

Here is a tip to help you organize yourself: Come into a clean, organized workspace every day. If you show up to work in the morning and your desk is a mess, right off the bat you are going to be stressed out. A clean workspace will allow you to lay out a plan for your day and encourage you to complete all of your tasks for the day ahead.

Everybody have a good and organized week!

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Brian Werbeck