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The Eastern Way – Fundamental #26 – “Bring it”


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The Eastern Way – Fundamental #26 – “Bring it”

This fundamental was written by Mabel Jimenez, who specializes in the grocery store sector of Eastern Funding. Mabel has over 15 years in the grocery industry and has helped grocery store owners obtain the financing they need to run their day-to-day business activities.

Fundamental #26 – “Bring it.” Approach every day with focus, energy, urgency and enthusiasm. Be fully engaged. Be passionate about the difference we make in people’s lives. Passion is the energy that fuels truly extraordinary performance.

Passion should come from the vision of wanting to serve others better than they could have ever dreamed by someone else. The truth is, if you don’t believe you are the best group of people, then you’ve got a serious problem. The number one asset for the company is you. Without you, this machine would not move, so each and every employee is the oil that keeps it moving along strongly.

Your purpose should be to win. I don’t mean to win a game by scoring more than the other team, though. I mean to win in your heart, and truly believe that you helped others succeed. But there is a score for success – hard work and dedication. Look around – have you ever seen a champion that hoisted up a trophy without having to put in some hard work? That doesn’t happen, you do need the sweat and tears. Don’t be afraid of failure, because it leads to success, and it makes it that much more gratifying.

There might be a day when I feel tired or under the weather, but once I get to the office, I overcome those feelings, and I “Bring It.” I bring the passion and the enthusiasm, because I know my co-workers and my customers are counting on me to deliver, and WIN.