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The Eastern Way: Fundamental #27 – “Be flexible”


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The Eastern Way: Fundamental # 27 – “Be flexible”

Jintae is a credit analyst at Eastern Funding. He has been with the company for two years. Jintae previously worked at Woori America Bank as a credit analyst. Jintae has over five years of experience in the financing industry and has a Masters and Bachelors in accounting from SUNY Binghamton. He is a true asset to our originations team.

Fundamental #27: Be flexible. Be willing to go outside your comfort zone. Embrace change and be open to new approaches. Think differently.

I believe we can all agree that this week’s fundamental – flexibility – has been Eastern’s forte. After all, Eastern Funding is in the industry where every company offers the same product. Despite the product uniformity, I believe Eastern is distinguishable from all other lenders in the sense that we are the innovative team. With the industry expertise, Eastern has developed the credit valuation tools and barometers that are so unique that they allow us to lend more in the niche market than other conventional financial institutions do. In recent years, we have continuously put great effort into streamlining our lending process, which is beneficial not only to our customers, but also to us employees, as this lets us work more efficiently. And all this has been possible because there are innovative thinkers in our company, and the corporate environment welcomes and encourages change for the better.

While people perceive change as good thing in general, they also often go against it. It takes more energy and time to say yes to change, and it forces many to come out of their comfort zone. Also, people are afraid to suggest changes because they don’t want to be proven wrong.

Over the past few years, we have undergone so many different changes. Not only did it change us for the better, but it was also good practice to get used to changes. The first time we implemented Vision, we may have had some naysayers at the beginning. But going through the Synergy and DocuSign era recently, I see that we are able to adapt to changes a lot faster.

I can also proudly say that we have developed a very strong positive mentality when it comes to change. Just like any other business, the competition will only get fiercer in the future. In order for us to survive and grow, I’m certain that there will be other changes the company has to implement and we will have to embrace. I truly believe that we are very strong in this department, and we are already very flexible. So let’s give ourselves a pat on the back and keep up the good work!

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