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Attracting and Retaining Good Laundromat Employees

Easter Funding

By Jennifer Lujan

They say one of the toughest parts of running a coin/card laundromat is hiring and keeping a good attendant. One of the ways laundromat owners and operators of laundry facilities in general are overcoming this hurdle is to provide performance incentives in the form of bonuses for laundry attendants.

Many laundromat owners will offer end of year/holiday bonuses to their attendants at a fixed percentage of their wages. Others choose an arbitrary number. This is great but if it is not tied to a performance goal, it may not serve as a motivator for the staff to work more efficiently. This method of applying a fixed percentage bonus to everyone may also have its drawbacks.



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Jennifer Lujan is a Loan Officer at Eastern Funding. Jen has over a decade’s experience helping laundry business owners with financing solutions designed to grow their businesses. 

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