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Car Wash Business – Free Online Info Resources

The dream of starting or funding a business is highly exciting, but getting started and continuing to expand can be daunting, challenging, and confusing. For that reason, there is a plethora of online and in-person resources that can be utilized to help provide perspective, information, and guidance to owners, managers, and investors. These resources range from networking events and social media groups, to software created specifically for modeling specialized business plans. Regardless of your business’ current standing, utilizing the vast resources to learn from others in the industry will not only help your company succeed, but excel above the competition.

Here are 6 great free resources for car wash business insight and information

  1. The International Carwash Association is a networking group where anybody can learn from experienced, successful car wash owners, as well as attend the International Car Wash Show featuring hundreds of exhibits from companies in the industry with over 8,700 participants. In addition, ICA produces a podcast that relays real stories and business insights, the latest industry trends, and inspirations from experts to owners, managers, and investors looking to enhance their businesses. Lastly, ICA promotes a Facebook group that provides industry knowledge from the car wash community, insights, and further resources including LEAD: an ICA service providing high-quality, flexible training to help teams and managers succeed.
  2. The Pit Crew is a company specializing in cleaning out car wash pits quickly and efficiently, but they also provide excellent networking resources for both current and prospective car wash owners. When you scroll to the bottom of the page, The Pit Crew prompts further articles about a wide variety of helpful, and specific, business tips ranging from respecting the 3-mile rule to analyzing why car wash subscriptions are worth it.
  3. TalkCarWash is a Facebook group designed for open discussion surrounding questions or concerns among a large group of individuals who have extensive experience in the field. The mission of the group is to connect the car wash community in a way that inspires innovation and sharing of knowledge through discussion, experiences, and camaraderie.
  4. When starting any small business, establishing a professional business plan is the first necessary step toward achieving long term success. Here is an example of an outline for how to create a business plan, including what it should look like, why you need one, what value it brings, and how to actually write the plan. When it comes to writing your business plan, it is helpful to use a modeling tool to guide you.
  5. Strategyzer helps by allowing you to sketch your business ideas within the provided software, virtually collaborate in teams, use a systematic approach to test your plan, and also track your project progress and potential risks. If you have trouble with making financial projections for the business plan, like projecting cash flow, this article explains the details and provides a calculator for simplicity.
  6. CarWashCountry There are many car wash owners who have taken the necessary steps to start their business and chase after their dream of owning a car wash, but what’s more important than starting a business is continuing to grow it. Carwash Country provides an excellent resource on how to best generate leads and capture them into your business using different marketing skills: they list their top six methods of generating leads with detailed explanations beneath each, along with their top three methods of capturing those leads into your database. When it comes to keeping track of captured leads, sales, scheduling, and other important metrics that are integral to your car wash business’s growth, choosing the right software is highly important. Carwash Country additionally provides a guide on how to select the best software for your company based on your business model: the guide explains the function of the software and also recommends multiple vendors to consider when purchasing.