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Crowdfunding platform helps bolster learning for K-12 students


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Crowdfunding platform helps bolster learning for K-12 students

Crowdfunding has taken off in a big way, helping raise money for entrepreneurs, inventors, artists and even school teachers.

The crowdfunding platform has emerged as a key charity for teachers across the country by creating a place where people can donate money to help purchase school supplies and other materials directly for the teacher in question. Individual schools and teachers can request a project, and it is up to the donors to choose which schools they would like to give their money to.

Teachers face higher personal expenses
Raising money for teachers is an admirable – and extremely necessary – goal today. A study conducted by teacher verification provider SheerID and Agile Education Marketing found that many teachers purchase school supplies for their own students out of their own pockets.

For the 2013-14 school year, the study noted that teachers spent on average $513 on classroom materials like books, pencils, paper and instructional supplies. Compared to the previous school year, that is an increase of 6 percent for out-of-pocket costs.

“When we got the results back, we were surprised to see that even though the economy is slowly improving, teachers are spending even more of their own hard-earned money to foster children’s educational development,” explained Robert O’Dell, Managing Partner at Agile Education Marketing.

Today, teachers spend more of their own money to help their students because of cash-strapped school districts and communities. That makes resources like that much more important.

SchoolTeachers often buy supplies out of their own pockets

The steps behind
The charity is a key crowdfunding resource for teachers across the country.

The first step is a project request from a teacher, which is then vetted by After that, the project goes up on the site, where donors can decide an amount and contribute to the fund. Like most crowdfunding platforms, projects have set goals. Should a project not hit the mark, the funds are returned to the donors. The minimum donation is $1.

Projects common on range from science experiments to field trips, physical exercise and school supplies.

Eastern Funding supports
Eastern Funding works closely with and its teachers to raise money for K-12 students.

One upcoming project backed by Eastern Funding involves a New York City Title 1 school in a high-poverty area. The project will benefit 30 second-grade students who require more learning materials for the upcoming school year. The students are in need of school supplies, including folder holders, chair pocket organizers and a guided reading library. The goal set is $2,015, while the deadline for donations is July 4, 2015.

In addition to the page, Eastern Funding will also sponsor an entrant in the Wildwood Half Marathon on May 17 to raise money and awareness of the project. If you would like to donate, or are interested in more information, please visit our page.